What is the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation?

Former Liverpool, Bradford City and Bolton Wanderers footballer Stephen Darby and close friend and British Forces Veteran Chris Rimmer have partnered together to launch the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation.

Stephen and Chris both have Motor Neurone Disease and have created a Foundation to create awareness of MND, to fund and assist research into the illness with the quest of finding a cure for the illness, to raise funds and offer grants to those with MND, as well as creating a network to help provide information and emotional support network for those diagnosed with the disease.

Stephen Darby

After playing professional football since the age of 17, on the 12th September 2018, I was forced to retire at the age of 29 after being given the diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND). At the time of my diagnosis, I was still playing football at Bolton Wanderers and training every day

Chris Rimmer

Chris Rimmer is a former British Serviceman serving with the RAF. After spending the majority of his career at No2 Mechanical Transport Squadron at RAF Wittering and Joint Logistics Squadron at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, he went on to do contract work in Afghanistan as part of NATO,  based in Kandahar and Mazar-i-sharif.

It was during his time in Afghanistan when the symptoms of MND started in early 2014.

Vision of the Foundation


One of the aims of the foundation is to raise awareness of motor neuron disease. Raising awareness is key to educating people about the disease and what the disease entails. By reaching out to people and creating more awareness will help us along our journey to support those living with MND

Raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease is one of the foundations aims. We believe the more we can raise and display how devastating MND is, is crucial in advancing to government level. Reaching government level is pivotal in how MND is perceived and ultimately funded


The money raised from fundraisers and events and money donated to the foundation will enable us to distribute funds to individuals and families through grant support. This can be applied for using the grant form on the website. This will allow us to support and improve the lives of those with MND. The support is not just financial but to also provide experiences and a support network from others living with MND.

We understand how important support is and in particular the financial implications this disease brings. We would like to support individuals and families by offering grants to those who need it. We will do this through the MND Association by making annual donations which they will distribute on our behalf. You can apply for a grant via this link https://www.mndassociation.org/support-and-information/our-services/financial-support-information-for-people-with-mnd/


at the moment there is no effective treatment and no cure for MND. Our aim as a foundation and with your support is to donate money towards research to help find a treatment and a cure for MND.

Research into treatments is vital on the journey to finding a cure for MND. At the moment there is no effective treatment or cure but there is promising research going on. With your support we will make donations to ongoing research as we strive to find a treatment as soon as possible

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A third of people diagnosed will die within a year and half within 2 years.

Help us find a cure

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Every day in the UK, six people are diagnosed with MND. #attackMND

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As MND attacks the nerves and muscles, it has a devastating physical impact on the body, that ultimately leads to being unable to swallow and eventually breathe.

Help us spread awareness by sharing this in your story! #AttackMND 👊

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MND is nowhere near as rare as some people may think!

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End of week one in the #100KInMay challenge! 👏 A HUGE thank you to everyone running, walking, cycling, donating and supporting.
The response has been overwhelming and together you are making a massive difference in our fight to #AttackMND. Thank you.👊 #mnd #motorneuronedisease #mndawareness

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Tom Stevenson was diagnosed with MND in October 2013, but that isn't stopping him joining in with 100k In May! 💪 #attackMND #mnd #motornuronedisease #darbyrimmermndfoundation #100kinmay ...

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Whilst MND symptoms affect everyone differently, the outcome is always the same.

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MND is a rapidly progressing disease, that means inevitably the muscles begin to die, leading to paralysis and eventually respiratory failure.

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A key aim of our foundation is to raise greater awareness and understanding of MND.

So starting today, we will be sharing stats and facts, helping to educate and explain more about this disease.

So what is Motor neurone disease?
#attackMND #mnd #motorneuronedisease

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In May, friends and supporters of Darby Rimmer Foundation will be attacking 100K.

Team 100K In May will be running, walking, cycling and swimming their way through the month.

You can find out more, join team or donate by visiting

#attackMND #100kinmay

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Tough times for everyone during #covid19 lockdown, even more so for people living with #mnd Here’s Rimmer staying positive doing an evening 10k in the sun 🌞♿️💪💪 #attackmnd ...

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RIP David. Our friend and patron. Thinking of your family today ❤️ ...

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Don’t miss out!

A fantastic fundraising evening of entertainment with Peter Crouch @23_carra #lfc
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‪A quick reminder that you can donate to @DarbyRimmerMND via your mobile phone 📱 ‬ ‪Please text ‘MND’ to 70533 to donate £3. Every pound really makes a difference. Please RT & share to help us #AttackMND ‬ ...

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