Football Career

After playing professional football since the age of 17, on the 12th September 2018, I was forced to retire at the age of 29 after being given the diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND). At the time of my diagnosis, I was still playing football at Bolton Wanderers and training every day. I had played professional football since the age of 17 having played for Liverpool, Swindon Town, Notts County, Rochdale, Bradford City and Bolton Wanderers.


My Diagnosis

My first sign of symptoms was a weakness in my hand and twitching in my arm. For 12 months I was being treated for something different at one point and things were looking quite promising. However, after 18 months of testing I was finally given the devastating news that I had MND. Testing consisted of MRI scans, EMG tests and nerve conduction study tests. Testing also consisted of having IV infusions both lasting 5 days each time and a lumbar puncture. Over the course of the last 2 and a half years, symptoms have been progressing slowly. I have weakness in both hands and twitching in my arms, legs, chest and tongue. Starting the foundation was a way of turning something so devastating into something positive. To have a positive impact on MND and to help those individuals and families living through it to support them.


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