MND Warriors Facebook Group

Soon after his diagnosis, Chris Rimmer set up the MND Warriors United Facebook group. It has been a great comfort for many impacted by the disease. This is how the group’s bio explains its purpose.

“This group has been created for people with MND, their carers and family members who need advice and support. There’s an even split of suffers/carers which provides a vast wealth of experience. We have members from UK & Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Denmark,Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Sweden and more.

The creator and admins of this group have all been diagnosed with MND in their early 30’s and all share the same desire to fight. We’re all at different stages of the disease and have created a unique bond through our positivity. We believe effective treatment will be found in our lifetime and until then we will fight together to stay strong and as healthy as possible. We will do whatever it takes to slow our progression and have the best quality of life possible.This group is not for bereavement or memorials as this can have a negative impact on people who are positively fighting. There’s an affiliated group called MND Warriors Remembered for members who’d like to join and it’s here that you can speak about loss and remember your warriors. Together we are stronger!”

Click the link below for the Facebook Group